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BRA Outsourcing Solutions is tailor-made for recruitment of workers in Pakistan, Gulf, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia
region, where we always emphasize fast/immediate deployment of available workers on hand as per our client needs because time element is essential as they have to synchronize the work schedule with the region climate condition thus we work out the following:











We help you capitalize on new and hidden talent-driven opportunities to reach more than you anticipated.

Our Solutions Focus On:

Local Candidates Pooling

We maintain a database for locally available candidates it is either actively working on company‟s base in UAE to which they can secure a No Objection Certificate from current employer and also those who are here in UAE on visit visa whom at same time are also looking for a job and can be readily deploy in companies that are sourcing immediate available personnel.

Borderless Candidates Sourcing

When talents and or candidates are not available locally, we'll expand and provide the needed workforce beyond your geographic location by pre-selection and screening on available regionally pooled candidates in our database and also sourcing through our internationally based partner agencies abroad to avail the pre-screened workers on the pool of candidates.

Personal and Professional Referrals

Through the strong relationships built with our clients and candidates many of our candidates have been registered on our database as a result of personal or professional referrals alone. Maintaining these strong relationships provides us with a considerable wide ranging network of top professionals.

Online Advertising

BRA Website

Advertising on our website allows employers to reach many high calibers, specialist candidates who are searching our site by specialism, location, salary and keywords. Candidates can order search results by date, add jobs to their basket, save searches and most importantly, sign up to receive your jobs by e-mail at


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